Magnesium supplements for children side effects

The effect will better if take magnesium with vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus, but it can not take after meals, because it will be stomach acid neutralization. Long-term high intake of calcium and phosphorus, or renal function by the people, side effects may occur.
Self-test whether you have magnesium deficiency
1, it will resulting in magnesium deficiency if more pressure in life, alcohol causes the intestinal absorption of dietary magnesium in magnesium excretion and to increase difficulty,.
2, it will resulting in magnesium deficiency if overload mental and manual labor or vigorous exercise of high intensity, so that the body be a surge in the amount of magnesium in the diet did not replenish.No matter if you might be a busy individual often on the go or not, having easy access to nutritious low calorie foods can be a must.
3, patients with hypertension are often serious magnesium deficiency.
4, obesity, insulin and glucose tolerance disorders, disorders of glucose metabolism disorder and magnesium deficiency related.
5, nervous hyperreflexia or a recession, the muscle loose chatter, tetany, arrhythmia, restlessness, excitability is a typical manifestation of magnesium deficiency.
6, staple food, vegetable intake or intake of less than normal staple food, vegetables, causing the body of magnesium deficiency.
7, too strong coffee and tea to drink too much, causing the body of magnesium deficiency.
8, too much sodium in the diet, the body caused by magnesium deficiency.
9,excessive consumption of meat, eggs, shrimp and other rich phosphorus compounds will prevent the absorption of magnesium.
10, severe diarrhea, chronic renal failure, malnutrition and other diseases as well as those long-term use of diuretics, can cause magnesium deficiency.
11, severe hypoparathyroidism, magnesium deficiency caused by the body.

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