Moderate taking zinc and magnesium supplement can protect your audition

Scientists have found that any factors such as high cholesterol, high blood fat, excessive caffeine which can make the inner ear small artery flow, can cause you loss hearing. To protect the hearing, we should aoid high-fat foods, such as contain fattiness whole milk, fat, animal fats, but can eat the food that conatin calcium, vitamin D, magnesium. Because these elements have the fuction on protecting auricula.

The researchers from german found that the hearing impairment is concern with the beta carotene,vitamin A and zinc in the blood. These substances can provide nutrition to the feeling cells of inner ear and epithelial cells of middle ear. According to a U.S. medical reports, moderate taking zinc zinc and magnesium supplement have effect on improving hearing . However, the high dose zinc can cause copper iron deficiency anemia, and iron deficiency anemia. So we should be strictly restricted low doses of zinc.

The lack of magnesium can also lead to hearing impairment. Noise can reduce the magnesium element of the ear artery and affect its function. So, those people who often work or live under the noise environment should often take the food that contain supplements to enhance the hearing.

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